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Registration and Domain Management

The web domain management service is free for customers who have our hosting service.

We can make the registration and management for you, as well as renewals of web domains like .com, .net, .biz, .eu, .com and others.

The web domain is the address of your website. However, by itself, it does not allow you to put your website "online" or allows you to create mailboxes, so you can get a Bundle package (web domain + web hosting).

Extensions 1 year 3 years 5 years
.pt 35€ 68€ 91€
.com.pt 24€ 53€ 70€
.com 12€ 30€ 48€
.info 12€ 30€ 48€
.net 12€ 30€ 48€
.me 24€ 60€ 96€
.org 12€ 30€ 48€
.biz 12€ 30€ 48€
.mobi 14€ 35€ 56€
.ws 12€ 30€ 48€
.eu 20€ 50€ 80€
.es 14€ 35€ 56€

These values don’t include VAT.

.pt e .com.pt. Domains

The most obvious advantage is related to the identification of the country of origin of a site with this kind of extension. This geographical factor imperatively increases the relevance of our site for the visitor.

The importance of this factor is especially outstanding in e-Commerce where the geographical factor, for obvious reasons, exerts a crucial influence on the decision of the potential client.

Another advantage refers to the weight search engines give, particularly Google, to the geographic relevance of country extensions.

The National Entity that manages the registration of domains with the .pt extension is the Portuguese DNSpt, which means that all companies that resell .pt domains are undoubtedly associated with this entity as resellers or registrars.

Only two entities can register .pt domains:

  • Companies whose name in RNPC (National Register of Collective Persons) is identical to the domain name you wish to register.
  • Companies that own the trademark with the same verbal sign or logo name you wish to register.

.com, .net, .biz, .info, .me, .tv e .eu Domains

The registration of domains with extensions .com, .net, .org and similar, do not obey the same type of requirements that the domains .pt and .com.pt. Any entity can register a domain if available.

Other Domains

Upon Request

General Conditions for the Provision of Domain Registry

Please read this document carefully. The conditions of use of the services set out the terms in which our domain registration service is at your disposal.

  • We provide our customers a domain name registration service, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and other TLDs approved by ICANN, through a partnership with a US company accredited by the aforementioned entity, or domains registration service of .pt, .com.pt and other TLD's approved by DNSpt through direct registration in that entity.
  • All domains are valid for the period that are recorded and shall be unique throughout the network called Internet.
  • All domains registered through Lusolabs will be registered in the customer's name, which may change the visible contacts in the WHOIS database. This database consists of the information of the domain owner contact details, which are of a public nature by ICANN's imposition - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
  • Lusolabs is committed to giving the customer total freedom of domain configuration, according to the services purchased.
  • Lusolabs is committed to accept the transfer of any domain to another registrar, if properly applied in writing not having yet the obligation to repay the customer for the time missing.
  • The data for the domain configuration shall always be provided by the customer, being their responsibility. In cases where the setting is performed by the customer this will be their responsibility. We are not responsible for the malfunction since induced by wrong technical data, such as DNS servers, IP or URL's.
  • It is forbidden to practice spam through e-mail accounts using Lusolabs´s redirection services, the service will be disabled when this practice happen.
  • It is forbidden to the users of this service, buying domains, intending to later negotiate with a third party.
  • A domain cannot be removed under any circumstances, despite the fact that it can be disabled. The customer decides whether or not to use it. We have no obligation to reimburse the customer for the time lacking of the non-use.
  • We reserve the right to deactivate a domain for non-payment of any service associated with it. Failure to pay further implies the impossibility to transfer any domain.
  • We are not responsible for misspellings or other mistakes on the domain at the time of application for registration, and after payment and registration, we have no obligation to repay the client.
  • The domain registrant is always responsible for the content of the sites where the domain is pointing through DNS or Redirection. The domain applicant also assumes the obligation to keep updated the information contained in the WHOIS database.
  • Lusolabs is not responsible for the misconduct of users of this service, and may even provide user data for legal purposes.
  • The customer that requested the registration of a domain is aware of these conditions and accepts them in full.

Lusolabs® reserves the right to change the conditions, at any time, without notice. Only the digital version is considered valid and updated, and the latest version is present in (http://lusolabs.com/EN/registration-domain-management.php). The printed version may be out of date at any time after printing. You should always validate the query with the digital version available on the link above. However, if changes are high impact, Lusolabs® try as far as possible inform its customers.

Download the General Conditions for the Provision of Domain Registry