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Monitor your infrastructure with Lusolabs SaaS model . No associated costs of hardware or implementation.

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Monitoring - PandoraFMS

Lusolabs represents the Pandora FMS since 2007, being the only certificate partner in Portugal.

Due to the close relationship with the manufacturer of this monitoring software, Lusolabs can give rapid and effective response to customer needs, in time to monitor their infrastructure.

The PandoraFMS can respond to various possible scenarios, being one of the most complete monitoring offers in the market. Integration is complete with any solution on the market, ideal for monitoring servers, Hypervisors, Networking, UTM, and Cloud BPM, quickly and effectively.

Its implementation is quick and the Enterprise version has a set of modules designed as to function virtually "out of the box" monitoring of their applications.

The number of possible agents, enable monitoring of virtually any existing infrastructure. Additionally, you can also perform telemetry, through physical sensors with IP. Currently, Lusolabs start an infrastructure monitoring program in SaaS model, beyond the traditional licensing offer, and installation and maintenance services.