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Monitor your infrastructure with Lusolabs SaaS model . No associated costs of hardware or implementation.

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Hight Availability - DRBD

"Your Way to High Availability" is the slogan of Linbit, DRBD manufacturer, who established with Lusolabs a close partnership in the area of high availability solutions on Linux.

We are currently the only official representative of DRBD for the Iberian market, establishing ourselves as a reference thanks to customers who already use this technology in its infrastructure for various purposes.

Data Protection

DRBD means "Distributed Replicated Block Device". Through secure data replication between two or more points, anywhere on the planet, your organization is protected against hardware failures, and "blackouts" data centers.

Using synchronous replication, DRBD is one of the few products available that can guarantee protection of their data at 100%, even during critical failures.

A more detailed technical explanation of the operation of DRBD and how it works is available at (http://www.drbd.org/).

Lusolabs and Linbit offer 24x7 enterprise support plans available in linbit.com

Prevent Downtime

The DRBD software prevents the "downtime" of replication across data in their infrastructure.

If their applications, databases or filesystems based on a Linux platform, can achieve an availability of 99.999% by simply adding the DRBD replication software.

After contact Lusolabs for an evaluation of its infrastructure, an engineer will work with your team to ensure that the "downtime" is a thing of the past.

High Availability

High availability is the act of ensuring business continuity with a 99.999% guarantee or higher, although critical systems failures. In the past, this meant Acquisitions of "apliances" hardware owner.

Currently, we have already found several companies and other organizations to switch to open source-based solutions, such as DRBD.

A single hour of "downtime" of a server can cost much more than an enterprise solution LUSOLABS / DRBD. Ask yourself : how much it costs an hour of your business stop? Including lost productivity, lost data, frustration of employees and breach of trust from its customers ... Then ask us a quote.

Uptime Downtime per Year
99.00 % 3 days and 16 hours
99.90 % 8 hours and 46 minutes
99.99 % 52 minutes
99.999 % 5:16 minutes
99.9999 % 31.6 seconds