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Lusolabs® it´s a registered trademark of MIPE – Tecnologias de Informação.

Lusolabs is an IT company specialized in high-availability solutions, critical systems, infrastructure management, application management and cloud-services. Additionally, in support of these areas also provides Service Desk services to its customers.

Aiming to create innovative solutions, Lusolabs makes a strong commitment to training and development of its employees, stimulating creativity, autonomy and critical thinking, fostering the development of R & D.

Proof of the innovation component is the constant search for new solutions, creating strategic partnerships with leading entities, both national and international, that share the same feeling regarding the use, development and creation of technologies.

The services, products and solutions proposed by Lusolabs always have the purpose to optimize the processes to implement or the ones that already exist, in order to minimize the financial investment made by its customers, and achieve effectiveness gains and efficiency.

Having been present in national events like "PorTi 2007 (PT)", "Portugal Tecnológico 2008 (PT)" or International as the "Business ICT - Andalusia 2009 (ES)", it has become a reference in 2012, in implementing systems SUSE Linux Enterprise open source, with the publication of an International Case Study.

You can see the study here.

The project was aimed at implementing a high-availability platform for SAP, for the pharmaceutical industry. With this implementation, LUSOLABS reduced by 50% operational costs through virtualization use, and achieved 100% uptime for critical systems from SAP, within nine months of the entry into production.

In 2013 and 2014, we were invited to participate as reference partner in the SUSE LINUX EXPERT FORUM EMEA, for the presentation of different uses of the SLES system.

To this day, Lusolabs is the only partner in Portugal of PandoraFMS (monitoring systems and BPM), BaculaSystems (Backups) and DRBD (High-availability Linux), and the only Portuguese partner to participate in the course "SLES 12 - beta First Class "in 2014, held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In this course, the 5th partners present were the first worldwide to have access to the Tech Preview of the new SLES 12, and helped compose the course format Introductory to SLES 12 for partners and customers.

Lusolabs was also present at the "Beta Program" SLES 12, helping and testing the various versions of this operating system to its launch in October 2014.