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Backups - BACULA Enterprise Edition

In an increasingly digital world, it is crucial to protect existing information in organizations.

IT departments now have an alternative to proprietary offerings, through a solution of backups over a network, enterprise-level, with Bacula.

The latest version of Bacula Enterprise Edition v8, makes a balance between innovation and business stability, bringing a modern, highly scalable, of creating and restoring copies. Thousands of organizations around the world have adopted the Bacula Enterprise software in critical environments, thanks to its modern, modular design and multi-task.

Bacula Enterprise Edition v8:
  • Designed for a safe and responsible's deployment in an enterprise environment;
  • Highly scalable, reliable and certified solution;
  • Easily deployed and scalable for several thousand servers;
  • Built on open standards;
  • Provides an amazing ability deduplication (backup date) in combination with their storage vendors (primary data storage);
  • Supports most modern distributions of Linux (SUSE, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu), Windows, MacOS X, AIX or Solaris;
  • É configuravel em alta-disponibilidade;
  • Performs backups to disk, tape and robots tapes;
  • It has advanced levels of security embedded in each layer;
  • You can connect to any SQL database engine. Currently it has drivers for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SAP and SQLite;
  • Pode ser implementado com um custo muito baixo em ambientes virtualizados;
  • Ideal solution for "Managed Service Providers", "Data Centers" and in public or private clouds;